Friday music streamage

Thank fuck it’s Friday. For your listening pleasure, head to Banner Pilot’s bandcamp page to listen to a stream of their wholly re-mastered 2008 album Resignation Day. It’s totally awesome; previously I felt that it didn’t hold a candle to 2009’s Collapser but with some canny production work it’s every bit as good. Not to be missed if you dig melodic punk rock as much as I do. You might also want to check out this PunkNews stream of Pacer’s (ex-The Steal) debut 10″. I’ve not listened to it yet but I caught them live a few weeks ago and they kicked a few asses with their driving hardcore punk. I’ve also been listening to Gallops today and Holy Roar are streaming all 5 tracks from their excellent self-titled dance / rock EP. (Holy Roar stream a lot of stuff which is very cool indeed.) I heard that some elderly apologist for paedophilia is here in the UK at the moment. Well, we’re all annoyed about that but remember¬†he’s involved in even worse things. Easy to lose sight of that. Fucking papacy.

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