The ENA’s pathetic showing in Brighton

Today’s appearance in Brighton by the racist English Nationalist Alliance only managed to muster what looked like about 30-odd people. It was hard to tell, concealed as they were behind huge lines of fluorescent jackets. I’d say that Sussex Police easily had three times as many officers as the ENA had attendees and that was […]

Time for us to fix some album covers

Okay yes yes I am working on some REAL posts and reviews and things. Work is hard at the moment! Which means I gotta get my relax on, rather than slaving over a hot keyboard for y’all. xx

A review of a review of a film I have not seen (Inception, 2010)

It’s so nice to see an intelligent movie for a change. I can enjoy a dumb action flick or a sentimental tear-jerker as much as the next slob, but smart movies seem really rare if you don’t really watch many movies. Critical reaction has been mixed. I like to think that all the people with […]