Campaign – It Likes To Party

Campaign - It Likes to Party coverIn a post-Hot Water Music world it’s good to know there are bands keeping the dream of blood, sweat and beer alive. Hailing from Atlanta, Campaign play punchy, gruff melodic post-hardcore ala. “the Gainesville sound” that descended from, er, Sunderland’s Leatherface.

The Hot Water Music comparison is probably one that’s been made in almost every review of this band but it’s perfectly apt. Gunmoll, Small Brown Bike, Billy Reese Peters and other vintage No Idea Records outfits are also good reference points. With It Likes to Party Campaign aren’t pushing this established sub-genre in any new directions but they’ve got their own identity and the EP’s title is spot-on. What you have here are five fast-paced, explosively dynamic punk rock anthems played with passion and panache.

There’s not a bad song on here. One of my favourites, ‘Wormwood’, throws down some wicked melodic gang vocals; another titled ‘Best Luck’ opens with wild harmonics, kicks into duelling vocals in a thudding verse underpinned with some fine tremolo before accelerating out of sight for a massive chorus.

I can imagine Campaign rocking real hard live – ideally in a scuzzy, sweaty, too-hot basement venue full of punks pumping their fists in the air and screaming along to every chorus. They’re that kind of band. You should check this EP out, especially as it costs nothing to do so. Check out the last link below!

(Damn but that dude second from the right has a rad beard.)

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