Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing

I first heard Michigan three-piece Victor! Fix the Sun just a few weeks ago by way of 2007’s Retractable Claws, and this album actually came out late last year, but the two records have impressed me enough that I wanted to write a little about the newest one. If Retractable Claws was reminiscent of Fugazi’s […]

Off With Their Heads – In Desolation

I think one of the things I love most about Minneapolis’s Off With Their Heads is how clear, accessible and honest their darkness is. Let me explain: there are a lot of ways in which an artist can submit themselves to painful self-examination, and no matter what approach you take it’s likely that the result […]

Just sayin’ (you’re hypocrites (quelle surprise))

Hmm. April 2010: And sometime in 2009: Hmm. HMM.

Time Fcuk (PC/web/Flash)

Time Fcuk, aka Time Cufk, aka Time Kucf, aka etcetera, is a Flash game that originally came out last September on Newgrounds. It’s creators are Edmund McMillen (author – also behind indie titles like Super Meat Boy, Gish and many more), William Good (programmer – has worked on a number of other games I’m not […]

Campaign – It Likes To Party

In a post-Hot Water Music world it’s good to know there are bands keeping the dream of blood, sweat and beer alive. Hailing from Atlanta, Campaign play punchy, gruff melodic post-hardcore ala. “the Gainesville sound” that descended from, er, Sunderland’s Leatherface. The Hot Water Music comparison is probably one that’s been made in almost every review […]

Save the Freebutt

This news broke last Wednesday but I’ve been busy recently and so I’m only writing about it now! One of Brighton’s longest-running venues, the Freebutt, is under threat of closure as a result of a noise complaint and subsequent Environmental Health Office investigation. As I put it on Facebook: Many of you will have seen […]

Calais Migrant Solidarity update

Apparently there has been a shameful lack of press coverage in response to Calais Migrant Solidarity’s recent press release, and visiting reporters didn’t manage to coincide their visits with those of large numbers of activists. I figured I’d do what little this blog can do to help get the word out and reproduce the release […]

The Static Age – i/o

It’s not a fair comparison nor even a particularly accurate one, but the first artist that popped into my head when I first listened to i/o, the new EP from Vermont’s The Static Age, is Chris Rea. Yes, him of ‘The Road to Hell’ fame, the Middlesborough singer-songwriter who’s been churning out banal pop tunes […]

Dirty Tactics – It Is What It is

A moment of serendipity: a couple of weeks ago I swung by a show to catch Welsh punk trio Bangers and also endded up seeing Philadelphia’s Dirty Tactics. Their intense, hard and melodic hardcore punk rock and varied songwriting impressed me and I bought their new album and split 7″ with Bangers. Two days later […]

Black Keys – Brothers

This will be a short review because I don’t listen to very much blues or old-school rock & roll, and that is how the Black Keys kick it. That said I still think this is a damn fine album and it has me listening to a genre that I don’t dislike but which I don’t […]