Ninja Gun posterTime for another untimely update about my band, Wrecktheplacefantastic. I’ve not posted about us since January, when we played the first show that we were happy with and got reviewed. Since then we’ve played a bunch more gigs including a Haiti benefit all-dayer, a show supporting Ninja Gun, Break the Habit and¬†Just Panic, and a set at Born to Lose alongside MAC and a folky outfit I forget the name of.

Ben has finally finished mixing and mastering our May 2010 demos (yup, it took a year). You can check those out here where the quality is a damn sight better than MySpace’s 96kbps cack. The recordings themselves are pretty ropey now; sloppy and slower than we usually play them now. But hey, until we do some more recording that’s as good as it gets! That said, we do have some live practice recordings that I might post up here. The quality is pretty decent all things considered.

We’ve added a few more songs to the original five (‘Bus Song’, ‘Song #3’, ‘Down With the Ship’, ‘Like Corpses’ and ‘Don’t Forget’). First up is ‘The Worst That Can Happen’, which got compared to Rival Schools (nice! Thanks! We’re not that good though!) and ‘Everywhere At Once’ which has some cool staccato rhythms and a neat offbeat post-chorus. Those two have been played live a few times; we are also working on ‘No Teeth’ (a slower piece with some simple delay effects that builds to a crescendo) and ‘Pckl Yr Lvr’ (the first complete song I wrote myself; it’s got a cool sliding chorus and is more fast-paced than ‘No Teeth’). Ben (who has written most of our songs to date) wants to focus on writing slower, moodier, more atmospheric tunes, to which end I’ve been instructed to come up with the faster punky ones… happy to oblige.

We’ve got a few more shows on the horizon, including one with our friends Colonics (June) and a second show supporting Another Day Lost (July). We’re chasing some other possibilities as well… watch this space!¬†Finally, we’re hoping to do some more recording soon, probably going the DIY route and doing as much we can ourselves and with friends as possible. POW!

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