The End of the World (fest)

Against Me! - Crime As Forgiven ByHoly folkpunk, Batman! US DIY punk label Plan-It-X Records is closing up shop. Apparently Chris Johnston “doesn’t want to be a dinosaur” running a label based on selling cheap CDs in an age when “CD sales are dropping like crazy”. Read the full story over at PunkNews, or wherever they picked it up from.

The decision makes sense, but I’m still a bit sad… I don’t have a huge number of Plan-It-X releases as the budget aspect of what they do kind of vanishes after you ship it from the US to the UK, but I respect their DIY ethics and they’ve put out some great bands. I think my first encounters with the label were Against Me!‘s Crime As Forgiven By CDEP (two of my favourite records ever) and a This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb album I downloaded using AudioGalaxy (remember that?).

Fond farewells to all involved with the label and good luck with all future projects.

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