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Just a quick post to point at a couple of mp3 blogs that I think are pretty cool and you might want to check out. If you’ve got some favourites, feel free to share ’em in the comments.

Note – none of these are blogs that are likely to post high-profile releases. They’re more about offering exposure to obscure outfits. If you want to know where to download the new Deftones, use Google. I’m not enabling you. You might alternatively want to go listen to something you’ve never heard before instead… in which case, knock yourself out!

Anyway, obviously you’re gonna do whatever you want to do, but if you find some tunes you really like and it’s still in print, go buy a real copy of it. Give something back to the artists and the labels who support them, huh?

Ya Can’t Go Home – Posts intermittent batches of crust, d-beat, hardcore, skacore, black metal, anarcho and grind records. The bulk of this material is from mainland Europe so Anglos like me are almost guaranteed to come across a whole load of stuff you’ve never heard of.

Veins Dried Out – A group blog that posts loads of grind, drone, stoner, doom and black metal releases, from bigger names (Sunn0)))Earth,Melvins) to outfits I’d not heard of (bossskJoe Pescithe Afternoon Gentlemen). They also do occasional posts that introduce newcomers to the basics of genres like drone and stoner doom which are pretty cool.

Pukekos – Although I find the music itself sometimes hit and miss, I’ve discovered some really cool bands via Pukekos (Teenage Fangirl,WidowsT.I.T.S. and Haunted Fucking spring immediately to mind) and found it a great archive for obscure old US emo outfits like The HatedIndian Summer and so on. Author BJ Rubin often includes lengthy personal retrospectives with each post, sometimes written by ex-members of the bands or others somehow involved in each small piece of history. It’s a great resource for people who like to get a feel for where a band came from and what they were about.

BJ Rubin has now closed the Pukekos doors, but as far as I know the full archives remain online complete with downloads. He’s started a new blog along similar lines called Feel Free.

the echo motel – more really obscure extreme metal and post-rock. I only found this blog relatively recently so I don’t know much about it!

Loud, Fast, Pissed – another recent find. Does exactly what it says on the tin; lots of good punk and hardcore releases here.

The Runout Groove – several years defunct now, but like Pukekos the archives remain online and I think the downloads too. I found loads of cool Peel sessions on here. Covers alt. pop, indie, rock, electro and country with an emphasis on British artists.

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