These greedy fools

The banks have pronounced which party they want to govern us, and the Credit Rating Agencies are preparing to tell us who’s really in charge

An alliance of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to form a British coalition government would “almost guarantee” a credit downgrade, BNP Paribas SA said, recommending investors sell the pound against the dollar.

A cut in the rating is likely “since both parties agree that early expenditure cuts could harm the economy,” a team at BNP Paribas led by London-based Hans-Guenter Redeker wrote in a research note today. “A Labour/Liberal government is the least- liked option by markets.”

You know, I really don’t know why we bothered with an election.

I predict this will be all over the Tory media within an hour.

(via ThoughCowardsFlinch, via Lenin’s Tomb)

And attention should be paid to these people precisely why? Respectful attention should be paid to their words and analyses and opinions and self-interest for what reason? They are the greedy fools who first fucked themselves and then fucked us. Well, no thanks. They should be consigned to history, an anecdote in a high school textbook with little cocks drawn next to them by disinterested teenagers.

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