“this electoral morass”

“The issue of the deficit and who pays for it is the single biggest issue in this electoral morass. There is nothing that comes close to how important this is for the City, for British capitalism, and for the future of welfare and public services in this country. It is in this light that we have to judge the available options now. No one on the left can afford to take their eye off that ball – it isn’t fundamentally about PR, though I don’t dismiss the issues underlying the demands for PR. It’s the economy, stupid. (Or, in a more marxist idiom, it’s the class war, stupid.) I hope that this is one issue on which socialists and left-liberals can agree. If we do, then perhaps I can also persuade liberals of two other things: 1) the best outcome is a government with Labour in it, however much we rightly despise their wars, their pandering to the rich, and what they have done to social democracy, because a government with Labour in it is one that has a mandate to at least limit the ferocity of any cuts; 2) it is important that the government should have a weak mandate, not a strong mandate, because a stronger government will be far more effective in imposing cuts. If those are basically correct points, then a Lab-Lib pact would probably be better than either a Con-Lib pact.”

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  1. Marc says:

    Marc is not as funny as he wishes he was xx