Election summaries: “oh, shit”

Oh shit! We won/lost/drew!

As per usual lenin has some good early analysis over at the Tomb which is well worth reading for those wondering where the left can go from here. Enemies of Reason also has a couple of good posts that nicely express the confusion and emotionally bipolar reactions most British people are probably feeling right now.

Personally I’m both happy and vaguely smug about Lucas’s victory, and considering joining the Green Party to get involved in maintaining their left and progressive ambitions. I’m also horrified although not shocked at the idea of the Lib Dems going into coalition with the Tories. It’s an appalling concept but it doesn’t come as much surprise, except perhaps to their activists, supporters and voters who are likely to have wanted a centre-left alternative to Labour, not some sort of Diet Tory bullshit.

Back in November ’08, when Obama claimed the presidency, many cautionary voices on the radical left warned that for activists the real work was just beginning. The Obamamaniacs had gotten their man into office, but now they had to work to ensure he remained their man. We’re far from an equivocal situation here in Britain, but it’s important to remember that the real work of a functioning democracy remains ahead of us. We can’t just pencil an X into a box, snigger at the local crazy independents, then sit back and bitch for four years. There’s work to be done, no matter how tired, betrayed or dispirited we feel.

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