Election day, aka. vote for your ideals, or at least not Tory

Here’s the front cover of today’s miserable excuse for a collection of words and images, British wankrag The Sun:

Horrendous misappropriation of Obama iconography

Piss off, you shower of miserable cunts. This is the most toe-curlingly embarrassing appropriation of Obama iconography I’ve yet seen. As though Cameron represents anything more than the triumph of PR over issues, of a shallow veneer of populism over entrenched class and business interests, of hope that rings hollow and unfulfilled. Fuck you and the media conglomerate you rode in on.

That's more like it.

Oh well. Semper idem. Vote for whoever represents your interests and ideals, whether it’s the opportunist middle-ground of the LibDems with their promises of electoral reform, the shuddering corpse of New Labour’s neoliberal failure, Cameron’s collection of corpses and claymation puppets, the muddled but increasingly directed Greens, any of the umpteen squabbling and depressingly sectarian left parties and coalitions that are apparently incapable of working together… whatever. But if you vote BNP or UKIP or any of their like, I hate you. Stop reading my blog. Fuck off elsewhere on the internet. I hear Stormfront have nice forums. Or maybe head down to an EDL rally. Or maybe just shove your head back up your stupid arse.

(I also hate you if you vote Tory, but a little bit less. Just a little.)

Thanks for reading my hopelessly partisan screed! I am full of hate for self-interested right wing king cunts! Full of internet bile, comment thread warrior? Head over to a BBC Have Your Say thread, I do not care that you are stupid and easily riled! xx

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