The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits

At the beginning of the year I made hyperbolic noises about how great this band’s last EP was, and further how great their first album was. An album they wrote when they were eighteen, the lucky foetus-faced bastards. And now here we are, three years on from the release of ‘A Lesson in the Abuse of […]

The importance of the Greek case

“I would say that this is a very very dangerous situation. We are entering a new phase which respectively… what we have been living so far in terms of concrete application of neoliberal policies might appear as just a kind of mild starter compared to what is happening now. “This is the importance of the […]

20th Sussex CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival

Here’s something I wrote for a friend’s prototype Brighton boozin’ website. I’ve no idea if his project will ever come to fruition but I enjoyed writing and, er, researching this, so here you go – enjoy. (For other booze-related blogging, why not check out my friend Rachel’s lackadaisical blog Victory Gin? If you do she […]

Sundials – First Six Songs EP

90s power-pop/college rock revivalism seems to be on a bit of an uptick at the moment with great bands like Cheap Girls and Failure’s Union rocking awesome melodic rock styles. I’m also occasionally reminded of Weezer… good old Weezer, not shit new Weezer, and with less irritatingly tweenie lyrics. Sundials are walking a similar path though they’ve […]

MP3 blogs

Just a quick post to point at a couple of mp3 blogs that I think are pretty cool and you might want to check out. If you’ve got some favourites, feel free to share ’em in the comments. Note – none of these are blogs that are likely to post high-profile releases. They’re more about […]

Four Lions – “Fuck Mini Babybel”

Chris Morris makes his directorial debut with Four Lions, a film satirising homegrown British terrorists (and, to a lesser extent, British anti-terror efforts). It’s been eagerly awaited since its announcement several years ago, particularly by fans of Morris’s work in television and radio. Has it been worth that wait? On one level… yes. It’s a […]

Stegosaur – Adventure 7″

The excellently-named Stegosaur hail from San Antonio, Texas, and play tremulous indie power-pop with delicate sensitivity and walloping distorted choruses. The Adventure 7″ boasts three such tracks. Opener ‘A Headache’ opens with simple palm-mutes and a tamborine underpinning the lines “Strike a balance between mean and pop sensibility hoping the tracks that we chose keep the interest […]

It’s nice to hear from you

Sometimes blogging can seem like a bit of a thankless slog, or worse a pointless endeavour… pissing words into the winds of the internet. This harsh fact is evidenced by the corpses of hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs and websites. I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing the things I’ve written and I like the […]

Stuff I Won’t Hate

I’ve lately become a little obsessed with the pop culture junkie blog Stuff You Will Hate, which is mostly written by some of the guys from Metal Inquisition and some teenage scene girls. You’d be right in thinking that this is not something that would traditionally be up my proverbial alley and you’d be spot […]


Time for another untimely update about my band, Wrecktheplacefantastic. I’ve not posted about us since January, when we played the first show that we were happy with and got reviewed. Since then we’ve played a bunch more gigs including a Haiti benefit all-dayer, a show supporting Ninja Gun, Break the Habit and Just Panic, and a […]