More callous lies from peddlers of racist hysteria

I’m quite¬† a fan of the Enemies of Reason blog as 90% of the time author Anton Vowl mirrors my response to media trends and furores – right down to the tirades of colourful invective. Best of all, he reads the tabloids so I don’t have to. I’m impressed that he is prepared to return to those peddlers of bullshit, hypocrisy and lies time and again, and that he invests so much time and energy in not only observing that they’re wrong but also identifying why.

Over the weekend he posted this about a story in the Daily Express. Click on through to read Anton’s post as there’s little point me repeating what he says.

Our deluxe minicabs will transport you to your luxury accommodation.

Our deluxe minicabs will transport you to your luxury accommodation.

In essence, the Express claims that a refurbished hangar currently being used to provide shelter for migrants is a “holiday camp” akin to a “VIP club”. Of course, their photos proving this are nowhere to be seen. Fortunately Brighton No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity have already posted rebuttals – with photos.

I’ve only a little to add to this. I’ve been following updates from CMS over the last few months and I’m aware that the hangar has been legally hired by CMS to provide for the basic needs of migrants who are without shelter, food, money, medicine, legal and often social and emotional support.

Over the past few months tents and encampments have been repeatedly cleared and bulldozed by police under the orders of a mayor who wishes to appear tough on illegal immigration. Over the freezing winter and record snows we’ve experienced over the past couple of months, police were ensuring that these migrants lacked even the most basic provisions that they needed to survive.

Often travelling alone and traumatised by isolation, trafficking or the experiences they fled, it is probable that without the tireless activities of Calais Migrant Solidarity and other activists, many such migrants would have died, alone, cold and hungry, their last shreds of hope obliterated in the name of political displays of strength.

Our highly-trained staff are ready and waiting to cater to your every need.

Our highly-trained staff are ready and waiting to cater to your every need.

Perhaps the Daily Express might consider following in the footsteps of a famous journalist who possessed the courage of his convictions. Follow in the footsteps of Eric Arthur Blair, Express hacks, and experience for yourself this life you so glibly liken to that of a visiting dignitary. Or perhaps open up your offices to visitors: if a hangar containing camp beds and a small office is akin to a “holiday camp”, your organ’s finances and workforce must be in even direr straits than anyone thought.

(Photos courtesy CMS.)

In happier news, the Scottish Defence League (the north-of-the-border branch of homegrown far-right street thug movement, the EDL) has been thoroughly humiliated in Edinburgh. Outnumbered 15-to-1 and bundled onto buses by police. Fantastic.

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  1. Shaun CG says:

    Readers may be interested to know that the following message was just sent to members of the Calais Migrant Solidarity group on Facebook:


    Subject: Hangar evicted / protests crushed

    So last Wednesday the hangar was evicted again by the police shortly after we closed it to migrants at 6pm.

    vans full of cops with shields, gas, and a battering ram, blocked off the streets again and tried to smash down our door.

    we just opened it. when will they learn to knock?

    the police allowed us to take our personal belonging before shutting the metal grill on the outside. They have parked a van full of cops right up against the door so we can’t physically get back in.

    On friday there was a demonstration outside the subprefecture. Two lines of riot police stopped the few individuals from going anywhere near the offices. The protest then moved outside the town hall. A couple of tents were put up to symbolise our own homelessness. Within 15 minutes the CRS police arrested everyone and confiscated all the banners and tents.

    Some activists were questioned at the police station.

    Meanwhile the cold weather shelter for migrants in calais has closed. There is a wonderful rule in calais that if the temperature drops below 0 for more than 24 hours then a small empty gymnasium is opened where about half of the migrants can sleep. If the temperature goes to 1 or 2 degrees then its then deemed to warm to sleep inside.

    Good day.


    You see? Just like Butlins.