Wrecktheplacefantastic – 3rd gig coming up!

It’s a while since I posted here about what my band is up to. In fact, I think it’s been so long that I haven’t even mentioned that we now have a MySpace page. Yes, it’s true, we finally caught up with 2004. We’re just in time for MySpace to continue its decline and watch as it becomes a swan dive into a financial black hole. If that’s not punk rock I don’t know what is.

In other news, Jake “bass” “face” Powis left the band in the middle of last year while he swanned off to Japan “for a few months”. It ended up turning into the rest of the year, and now he’s staying for 2010 as well – he’s met a girlie out there. Aww! So we replaced him back in November with Chris Watson, a stalwart of a number of bands around Brighton, presently Another Day Lost (for whom he sings). I first met Chris at the Concorde2 – who we were there to see, I don’t remember – where we found out that we both liked obscure 90s British melodic punk bands like broccoli and Hooton 3 Car. He’s a cool guy not to mention even taller than Jake, and his bass playing brings a more aggressive edge to our sound that I feel has re-invigorated our songs.

We have our third gig – ironically with our third line-up – on January 15th, where we’re opening Friday night’s punk round-up at the Brighton Hobgoblin. It’ll probably be pretty busy so no doubt I’ll be bricking it.

As for the demo which we recorded, oh last May or something, Ben is still mixing and mastering the bloody thing so who knows when it’ll be done. To be honest I’m on the verge of sticking the unfinished mixes online because he’s taking so long to get the proper versions sorted. Anyway, if we don’t have anything available to listen to come the day before our gig I’ll stick those early mixes online so people have something of ours to check out.

Big love and many boozes from Wrecktheplacefantastic!

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