Victoria & Jacob – ‘Clash’

I’ve been sent a sample song by Victoria & Jacob, another boy-girl electro duo making charming indie pop. ‘Clash’ is from their ’08 EP Super Computer, and it’s a lo-fi tune based around a warm synth melody and acoustic guitar picking, which as it builds steadily introduces more samples and what seems to be a […]

French For Cartridge – Oooh! 7″

Who are French For Cartridge, aside from responsible for sickly MS Paint-esque artwork? They’re art-pop duo Catherine Hontz and Henri Vaxby, a pair of European musicians who met at London’s Goldsmiths College. You might know them via the older moniker of Cartridge, a name apparently abandoned after a few line-up changes. And now to abandon […]

Wrecktheplacefantastic – 3rd gig coming up!

It’s a while since I posted here about what my band is up to. In fact, I think it’s been so long that I haven’t even mentioned that we now have a MySpace page. Yes, it’s true, we finally caught up with 2004. We’re just in time for MySpace to continue its decline and watch […]

Nothington – Roads, Bridges and Ruins

San Francisco’s Nothington are one of those bands that have managed to pass me by for years, and then one day I idly check them out on MySpace and am blown away. I picked up their 2007 full-length debut All In last August-ish and it immediately leapt into regular rotation. Happily, it was then only […]

Not Dead Yet

Time to break the radio silence. Yes, the good ship Nostalgia For Infinity has been coasting through the black unmanned for a while, but things should pick up again now that we’ve crested the wave of 2009 and are bearing down on 2010. On a personal level the last three or four months have been […]