Nothington – Roads, Bridges and Ruins

Roads, Bridges & Ruins

Roads, Bridges & Ruins

San Francisco’s Nothington are one of those bands that have managed to pass me by for years, and then one day I idly check them out on MySpace and am blown away. I picked up their 2007 full-length debut All In last August-ish and it immediately leapt into regular rotation. Happily, it was then only a few months until the release of the follow-up Roads, Bridges and Ruins. I’m kind of glad I failed to notice them for so long; the wait would have been infuriating.

So anyway, Nothington play Southern Rock-tinged punk; melodic hardcore with hard-drinkin’, soulful sing-along lyrics. Main vocalist Jay Northington (ex-Tsunami Bomb, along with drummer Gabriel Lindeman) has a gloriously gruff, throaty voice akin to Chad Price in Drag The River mode (two asides here: Nothington are more Hot Water Music than they are Drag The River; and when Jay scales back the sandpaper he almost reminds me of Milo Aukerman, which is kinda funny considering Chad Price’s career). Jay is complemented by harmonies from the more nasal chords of Chris Mutalich (ex-Enemy You, who I’ve not heard). Thumping drums, warm bass, scruffy but tight rhythm guitar, and intermittent clean lead round out the sound. Happily the lead fades in and out and isn’t permanently the centre of attention, the vocals and melodies are the focus here.

The Tsunami Bomb lineage is sometimes evident in elements of the songwriting, which is little surprise considering the lead singer, one guitar and the drums derive from that band, but even if you didn’t get into the pop-punk stylings of that band you should give Nothington a go. They’re a fully distinct band, a much louder and rawer affair, and their hearts are on their sleeves.

Download ‘The Ocean’ and ‘If You Say So’ as .m4a files (convert ’em if you don’t like the format)

Nothington on MySpace | BYO Records Nothington page

(Brighton folks – they’re playing the Albert on Feb 24th!)

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