Blatant JAG for Last Days of Lorca (Nice Weather For Airstrikes)

My friend Andy got in touch with me on behalf of the label he works with, Nice Weather For Airstrikes, and asked me to post about Last Days of Lorca, one of their bands. LDoL are a self-described post-indie band and currently have a song in Danny Dyer’s new film, Jack Said.

I’ve not seen the film and I probably won’t go and see it (looks a bit Lahndan gangster mate innit), but I’ve been asked to point out that the song ‘I Start Fires We Start Riots’ is by Last Days of Lorca, and NOT by Muse. It’s part of a cunning plan to get the right band name showing up in Google results, do you see? Seems only fair that the right band get attributed. Oh yes, and the band are playing Brighton soon.

Anyway, here’s a clip from the film with the song in the background:

That’s enough promotional material on behalf of friends for now… apart from mentioning that The Offcuts, Another Day Lost, ASBO Retards, Bull See Red and Harmful Effects are playing the Greenhouse Effect in Brighton on Friday November 13th, and I’ll be there celebrating my twenty somethingth birthday. So come on down!

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