Fascists thrashed in Harrow

anti-fascistsI didn’t catch this story unfolding on Friday night, but I did spot it on TV in a pub in London yesterday and what little I managed to gather looked positively heartwarming. Turns out those impressions were correct – the, uh, collective might of the fascist English Defence League was broken in Harrow, mainly thanks to hundreds of impassioned Muslim youths taking to the streets alongside anti-fascists, the Left and impassioned locals. Not even the riot cops stationed to protect the (legally sanctioned) EDL march were enough to keep it together. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

Lenin’s Tomb has full details, photos (including the one I nicked for this post) and even a bit of video. The Guardian has a brief and sober report which skimps on the detail you’d need to actually understand what happened.

3 Responses to “Fascists thrashed in Harrow”
  1. Rachel says:

    My mum works in Harrow and she was talking to me about it on the way home from work on Friday. Or it might have been on Saturday. But anyway she somehow had gotten the idea that the anti-racist and anti-fasicist people people who were there were against Islam. It might have been the way it got retold to her while she was at work, or just her not really getting it but at least I could explain to her that no, the anti-facist groups were there in support of the Muslims against racist nutjobs.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    That’s a really unfortunate misunderstanding of events. It may also say something about how easy it is to misinterpret this sort of event thanks to the legitimacy given to far-right groups like the EDL and the BNP, the tendency of the mainstream Left to speak out against Islamophobia, or the lack of information included in the few mainstream media reports that cover anti-fascist counter-demos (etcetera). Anyway, it’s great that you were able to correct that misconception!

  3. Rachel says:

    My mum might be one of the more extreme examples – she’s never been interested in politics or history so she see the BNP and EDL more as solely racist organisations rather than fascist. Plus her news source is pretty much the Mail on Sunday and half-listened to 6 O’clock news while she’s waiting for Emmeradale.

    It’s kind of scary how somehow I’ve picked up all this information about various antifascist group and what they stand for and the dangers of groups like the EDL and she just…hasn’t. And we live in the same house and watch the same news on tv…