Question for readers

Hello, regular readers.

I’ve been thinking about making some changes here. As anyone who’s been reading for any length of time knows this blog covers a fair variety of stuff, including music and book reviews as well as my own fiction and occasionally any political posts I feel like writing. Not to mention the more whimsical material.

I think I’d like to devote more time to writing about music, but I don’t want to overwhelm everything else. So I was wondering about splitting the blog into two: one part for music, and another for everything else.

I’ve considered this a lot in the past but previously left the blog as was because hell, my interests are broad and why shouldn’t those of other readers be the same? Whereas now I’m inclined to go for it: to retain NFI here as a receptacle for my more general writings, and to set up a new sub-blog and try and have a proper crack at something dedicated to music. I think this would be advantageous as it wouldn’t change anything about NFI except the absence of music coverage, and with a music-dedicated sub-site I could write more informal pieces alongside reviews. In cases where there was definite crossover interest I can of course cross-post or link both ways (an example of this would be the Taqwacores review).

But before I go ahead and do this… what do you think? I absolutely want your feedback, and would be v. interested in hearing arguments or opinions either way.

7 Responses to “Question for readers”
  1. Jonathan M says:

    I’m not sure that you need a new blog to write more about music. If you’re wanting to write about music in the form of a particular project (e.g. Shaun traces the historical roots of celtic folk metal through a series of linked reviews) then a new blog might be a good idea but if you just want to write about music in general, I see no reason why you shouldn’t keep it here. You’ve written about music before.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    I should probably expand on what I wrote above. I’m interested in writing more small pieces that are basically just “look at this, it is neat” alongside proper reviews and occasional opinion pieces or profiles of bands. I don’t want to overwhelm everything else on this blog by doing so, though, since my book reviews and fiction are sporadic and I rarely feel like I have an informed or amusing take on the goings-on of the literary genre scene.

    I’ve toyed with doing what is basically an online music ‘zine (in the tradition of DIY punkzines) many times before but never gone for it, but lately I’ve been lusting for a creative hobby that I feel motivated to pursue and I think this might be it.

    Thinking about it I could also do weekly round-up pieces on the ‘main blog’ so that anyone who didn’t want to follow two blogs wouldn’t miss out.

  3. As someone who’s a little bewildered by the depth & intensity of your musiclove, I would nevertheless say keep it here – the bewildered can always click through the stuff that isn’t relevant to them, and it’s good to have all of your(internet)self in one place.

  4. Rachel says:

    As someone who has….five BILLION blogs, all apparently for different things but all mostly empty, I say keep it all here. It’s better than feeling vaguely guilty that you’re neglecting the other blog plus your site description mentions music and general bloggery so I would say that it is still within the remit of Shanu brain spewings that are the general feature of this blog. :D

  5. Shaun CG says:

    Heh, you’re all recommending that I not do the thing I want to do. Curses! ;)

    But thank you all. Maybe I should try an experiment – set up a non-search indexed blog and see what I post to it over the next couple of weeks. If I sustain it, and it would overwhelm NFI, I’ll leave it as is. If it doesn’t go anywhere, or the volume of posts isn’t excessive, I’ll reintegrate it and go back to the way things are/were.

  6. Niall says:

    For what it’s worth, I’d also say keep it in one place.

  7. Shaun CG says:

    It’s worth a lot! Well, with the overwhelmingly one-sided opinion of the NFI commentariat, and my well-meant intention to write a few sample posts today and yesterday scuppered by the dayjob, it seems like I should keep everything in one place – at least for the time being…