Conversations with my Housemate’s Son

[Young Archie approaches me, holding a toy truck.] Archie: Where is this? Me: Where is that? In your hand? Archie: It’s a truck! Happy Wednesday, I’m on holiday!

Wrecktheplacefantastic in the studio

A few weeks back my band spent the day in Studio 284, Brighton’s number one seafront-based DIY punx recording studio. I figured I’d write a little diary-style piece to celebrate our first crack at proper recording. Why were we there? We wanted to record a three-track demo for two reasons: firstly, so that we could […]

If only reality lived up to advertising

An advert for an Israeli mobile phone service provider which purports to show how the segregation wall can be good fun: The less light-hearted results of an attempt to reproduce the advert: Both videos originally found via the Tomb (one and two).

Learning the language

There’s a good discussion in the comments thread of a post in Nick Mamatas’s livejournal. (If you’ve not figured this fact out already, Nick’s blog is equal parts funny and intelligent – both the posts and the comments.) I figured out when I was in my mid teens that ‘getting’ music was about familiarisation, or […]

LR Rockets – Renee Loves Losers / OK Let’s Talk

London’s LR Rockets play new wave-inspired electro-indie in a style that’s pretty popular right now. As always this is a hit and miss situation; they have a lot of potential fans out there, but they’ll have to clamour to get themselves noticed amongst hordes of all-too-derivative bands. In fairness to this quintet, however, they’ve got […]

Book Review: Steven Deighan & Terry Cooper – Feels Like Stephen King

Steven Deighan has been plugging away in the indie horror scene for almost a decade now, and published his first collection in 2006 (which I reviewed for now-defunct site Yet Another Book Review). It was a promising if unpolished set of stories and I felt it was worth keeping an eye on Deighan’s work. Now, […]

Time to weigh in on the Realms of Fantasy brouhaha

[There was a totally hilarious picture of a boxer dog right here, but I was getting too much dumb traffic from people googling “lol”, so I deleted it.] If you’ve not been following, which is sensible, but want to get clued up, which is not, I’d recommend going here and sniggering at the fail on […]

And the award goes to…

I’ve never been particularly fond of following award ceremonies or prize schemes, usually happy to instead meander along my own exploratory routes through culture old and new. By which I mean I tend to have rarely read more than one book on any given shortlist before voting season rolls up, and thus don’t feel particularly […]

DVD Review: Sealab 2021 season 1

Yup, I reviewed a DVD collection of one of Adult Swim’s dumbest comedies. Because I love it. It is deeply silly and a great deal of fun, and it was very strange to write a review of the show that treated it seriously. Still, I managed it, and you can read my review here. I […]

Probably not the most logical response to a heatwave

But you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.