ATP Versus the Fans review up at The Dreaded Press

My mighty, meaty-in-the-metaphoric-sense review of ATP: The Fans Strike Back ’09 is now up at The Dreaded Press – direct link here. I think I made editor Paul Raven a leeetle jealous by getting to go…

I’m going to shamelessly bump my blog’s appearance in search rankings and list every band I cover in the review: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, HEALTH, M83, Devo, Fuck Buttons, Young Marble Giants, Grizzly Bear, Harvey Milk, Beirut, Errors, Sleepy Suns, Marnie Stern, Spiritualized, Bad Guys, Future Of The Left, Parts & Labor, the Mae Shi, theĀ  Jesus Lizard, and This Will Destroy You.

If you only want the gist of it, I had a reeeally good time. And we got a seagull drunk on cider.

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