Back to Normality

Things should all be working okay here now. As you can see I’ve switched themes; I’m liking this more minimalist look at the moment. The old Nobus theme I was using was pretty stylish but not the easiest to read, nor was it the best laid-out theme ever. So what do you think of the […]

NFI probs…

As you may have seen there’ve been some issues here at NFI over the last few days. These are basically the result of me moving to a new host and not knowing a damn thing about PHP and SQL. Anyway, the move is complete now although my old theme is broken. Please bear with me […]

ATP Versus the Fans review up at The Dreaded Press

My mighty, meaty-in-the-metaphoric-sense review of ATP: The Fans Strike Back ’09 is now up at The Dreaded Press – direct link here. I think I made editor Paul Raven a leeetle jealous by getting to go… I’m going to shamelessly bump my blog’s appearance in search rankings and list every band I cover in the […]

fulangchangandi – self-titled EP

Hailing from London, fulangchangandi (that’s pronounced “foo-lang-chang-and-eye”, and is the name of a Frida Kahlo painting) are one of those bands you wish came along more often… and at the same time find difficult to write about. Why? Well, because they’re inventive and thus resist lazy comparisons. It’s fortunate – for me, fc&i, and anyone […]

The Offcuts – Flesh

Brighton’s Offcuts (disclaimer: my friends and some of my housemates) have finally released the video for their single ‘Flesh’ (warning: contains some graphic scenes of violence, gore and burgers): I say single, but it’s not been released as one. Maybe one day! Still, the video’s goddamn slick, huh?

Blog Like It’s The End of the World 2009

Oh hey, I missed the zombie apocalypse again. Bummer. Kinda neat to see that what started out as a joke among a few SF&F crit blogs has taken on a life of its own though. Everything is better with zombies. <3

Warren Oakes quits Against Me!

I don’t tend to post band news up here unless a band I really like splits up, but Warren – drummer with Against Me! for a good eight years – has just left the band. Or been fired, depending on whose version of events you read – follow that link for the statements. Sad times […]

Fortunately, Nick Griffin really *isn’t* my MEP

Much kerfuffle today as the results of the European elections come in. I’ve not much to add as those that care will already know all this, and those that don’t won’t want to hear it. That said I’m pleased to see that Caroline Lucas (Green Party) has been re-elected as the one of the South-East’s […]

“What did they do with the bodies?” – Defiance Ohio @ Cowley Club, Brighton

DEFIANCE, OHIO + Madeline + Jakal + Kelly Kemp Cowley Club, Brighton, 28th May 2009 It’s a while since I’ve been down to the Cowley Club – not since last time I tried to see Defiance, Ohio, in fact, on which occasion Brighton’s only radical social club was so packed they’d instituted a one-in one-out […]

The Mae Shi – HLLLYH

I saw the Mae Shi for the first time just a few weeks ago at ATP: the Fans Strike Back. A review of that whole festival is forthcoming (um, eventually) but suffice to say that I didn’t have any expectations except that they put on a great live show. They did, it was fun, and […]