Wrecktheplacefantastic @ Brighton Hob, Monday May 11th

Cheap Girls flyer

Yes, we have another show. A mere five and a half months after our first! The world of rock & roll is fast-paced and demanding, and many get left behind. But not we: we have seized the reigns and are clinging firmly to the frenzied horse of punk rock.

Okay, actually, our drummer quit right after Christmas, we took a couple of months out, and we found a new drummer in March/April. We’ve had about a half dozen practices now and everything is going well, so when we got offered the chance to play with Chillerton and Cheap Girls we jumped at the chance. Actually, I like Chillerton enough that I had a little jaw-drop moment when I heard. I must’ve listened to their side of the split EP with When All Else Fails a hundred times.

Anyway, we’re on first, so I’m guessing that’ll be at about half seven, eight-ish. After us is Kept By Casino (who were Jalopy), then Chillerton, and finally touring US band Cheap Girls.

We play melodic rock with a sort of punky edge. Lots of harmonics and octave chords. We like that. I’m not sure what Kept By Casino play, but I’ve read “too indie to be punk; too post-hardcore to be indie and too punk to be post-hardcore. Fans of McLusky take note!” MySpace page is here. Chillerton play melodic hardcore / gruff pop-punk in the vein of No Idea, but with a South Coast spin. Cheap Girls play power pop that’s reminiscent of Smoking Popes and the Lemonheads. It looks like being a varied, fun line-up, plus it’s ¬£FREE! So do come down and check it out. And if you like what is fed to your ears, bung some cash in the donation bucket so that the tour can afford petrol and food.

Click on the flyer thumbnail to see a bigger version. Facebook event page here, Last.fm event page here.

[ P.S. I’ll be getting back from ATP the same day as this gig, so I will be hilariously hungover and tired. I am sure that this is a recipe for Inevitable Good Times. ]

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