Mini gig reviews I was too lazy to write at the time

Potted reviews because I cannae be bothered to dredge my appalling memory for specific details.

Death Cabaret, Whitemare, Pride Can Kill @ Prince Albert (April 2nd) – really can’t remember too many details now, but Death Cabaret are tight as usual, playing something halfway between melodic hardcore and death metal – with a shitload of pop-punk woahs thrown in for good measure. Their new song kicks ass. Whitemare and Pride Can Kill are bigger and louder and angrier. Particularly the latter’s frontman, who seems pissed that no one is moshing, so he shoves folks around and pisses them off too. So by the end of the set everyone is grumbling a bit. But, let’s be fair, when did hardcore get so polite and pacifistic? Is it just that people aren’t so angry any more?

Bastard Squad, C.U.N.T., Offcuts, Guardians of Love & Honour @ Walmer pub (April 3rd) – B.S. are down from Cambridge and play unexceptional but entertaining cynical 80s UK punk rock. C.U.N.T. kick everyone’s asses. It’s their last show and after a dozen blasts of frenetic riffing and the most intense fem vox you’ve heard this side of Rolo Tomassi, everyone is asking ‘why?’ Offcuts fucking rule as usual. Drunk and sloppy as all hell but who cares? No one here is sober. The Guardians run on stage to play two songs but by this point I’m vomiting in the gutter outside. Classy as always.

Crazy Arm, Random Hand, Propagandhi @ Concorde 2 (April 20th) – Crazy Arm are quality as always, playing some kind of weird blend of hybrid country/folk rhythms and melodic hard rock. Last time we saw them the singer had a broken leg. Glad to see him standing up this time. Random Hand are just weird. In an awesome way. At first they seem like they’re channelling CapDown, and then they kick into rap-metal mode with cheesy sirens that wouldn’t be out of place in an old Corporate Avenger song. Really mixed, really fun. Propagandhi rule everyone’s faces. Is there any doubt they would? There are not many bands this good, and this righteous. It also sounds like the Brighton show went a lot better than other parts of the tour.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (April 25th) – I was here on my own and was terribly hungover, which seems appropriate if a bit sad. My favourite song isn’t played (Roberta C) unless I got here too late for it (I think I missed a couple of numbers). But there is a good mix of material old and new, and some songs involve a full band, and Owen even tells a joke. Q: Why did the chicken go to the Doors gig? A: To get To The Other Side. Commence groaning. This joke was the only bit the middle-aged bald fuckers stood behind me seemed to enjoy. Honestly, if you’re only going to vocally criticise the band you’re watching… why not fuck off outside and stop pissing everyone else off.

I’ve been forgetting to update my list of shows attended. Given that I do enjoy a pint or two at shows and that I have a terrible memory to start with, this is very annoying. I often struggle to remember exactly what I did the previous week, let alone going back several months. Sigh.

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