Fucked Up versus Fox News

Possibly the weirdest punk-related news of last week was this: Toronto’s Fucked Up lead vocalist Pink Eyes – aka Damian Abraham – has been asked to appear more regularly on Fox New‘s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Abraham will be playing the role of a general leftist pundit, after declining to be a “gender expert.” […]

Life’s too short for Comment is Free articles

I was going to lay off the blogging until NFI is stable again, but then a friend linked me to the Guardian CiF article ‘Life’s too short for thousand-page novels’. I have some sympathy for this perspective but I’m also familiar enough with CiF’s usual standard of literary and music journalism that I was expecting […]

Back online…

…though I’m not sure for how long. I’m working on sorting out new backups, but cpanel is still down. In terms of longer term blog survival… watch this space. Oh, and if you need to email me, do so at points of data (at) gmail (dot) com (no spaces, yada yada).

Mini gig reviews I was too lazy to write at the time

Potted reviews because I cannae be bothered to dredge my appalling memory for specific details. Death Cabaret, Whitemare, Pride Can Kill @ Prince Albert (April 2nd) – really can’t remember too many details now, but Death Cabaret are tight as usual, playing something halfway between melodic hardcore and death metal – with a shitload of […]

Wrecktheplacefantastic @ Brighton Hob, Monday May 11th

Yes, we have another show. A mere five and a half months after our first! The world of rock & roll is fast-paced and demanding, and many get left behind. But not we: we have seized the reigns and are clinging firmly to the frenzied horse of punk rock. Okay, actually, our drummer quit right […]

Brighton’s Mass Street Party against war and greed

Brighton locals and other folks with their ear to the ground may have heard about Brighton’s own May Day protests and street celebrations this weekend. Well, the march is well underway, and by the sounds of it is slowly making progress towards EDO MBM’s offices, despite the best efforts of police to stop it. If […]