Not so much a review as an expression of admiration (Dananananaykroyd + Calories, ER Mar ’09)

Gig review: Dananananaykroyd, Calories @ Engine Room, March ’09

Last night I fought back against the lethargic temptations of being lame and boring and staying in and got myself down to Brighton’s Engine Rooms (key characteristics: underground, smells, broken toilets, sweatbox, flooded this one time, cute barstaff) to see Dananananaykroyd and Calories. Pope Joan and Me My Head also played but I got there too late for them, which was kind of a bummer as I’ve been wanting to see Pope Joan for a while now, and given the rest of the line-up it seemed probable that Me My Head would be decent as well.

So, anyway: Calories. They just had a new album out on Small Town America, which I ummed and ahhed about pre-ordering before reluctantly deciding to hang onto my cash. I kind of wish I hadn’t been frugal now, because I really enjoyed what they played. I vaguely recognised a few songs from MySpace and the STA blog radio shows but not all that well. The most lasting impression is of the band being unexpectedly loud, and keeping their songs short and punchy. I admire both of these things. Plus, even their “slow song” was pretty fast.

(I didn't take this picture. I stole it from

(I didn’t take this picture. I stole it from

It’s Dananananaykroyd who I’m really excited about seeing. I’ve heard from more than a few sources than their live show is rarely anything other than a delight to behold, and pleasingly these sources are correct, so I won’t have to hunt them down and hobble their legs with a hammer. The word “dynamic” fits these five guys and gal perfectly; they’re clearly having a lot of fun and aren’t afraid to show it. Highlights, and probably live performance staples, include vocalist Calum attempting to hug every single member of the crowd as well as the construction of a tunnel of, um, marriage (also: fun). Live their songs are twice as loud and 110% the speed as on record, with single ‘Pink Sabbath’ being a particular highlight for me. Despite this they’re tight as fuck and everything sounds gloriously distinct.

Despite being knackered and on my tod (kind of a downside to going to gigs at the last minute on a whim) I had enormous ladles of fun. Dananananaykroyd easily put on one of the most entertaining, fun and irrepressibly cheerful live shows I’ve seen, and are probably only bested by the World/Inferno Friendship Society in that regard. Check them out. If you regret it, you clearly missed out on your official band-endorsed hug.

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