Music Reviews: The Measure [SA] – Songs About People… And Fruit ‘n Shit


The Measure [SA] - Songs About People... And Fruit 'N Shit

The Measure [SA] have been attracting a fair bit of attention in the world of punk rock of late, and deservedly so. While it’s a lazy comparison and one I probably wouldn’t be making if it weren’t for the frontwoman’s gender, when you first hear this band it’s almost inevitable that you’ll think of Discount (possibly Fifth Hour Hero if you’re reeeeeeally young and dig the French-Canadian scene). That said it doesn’t take long for the Measure [SA]’s grittier late-00s edge to make itself known, so let’s ditch that lazy reference point and look at what this record has to offer.

The honest and casually-titled Songs About People… And Fruit N’ Shit is the Measure [SA]’s first 12″ EP, although they’ve already had three prolific years that have seen one album, four singles and 7″s as well as a half-dozen splits with the likes of Off With Their Heads and O Pioneers!!! (not to mention other bands I’m not mentioning because – shameface time – I’ve not even heard of them). The band’s songwriting chops are already clearly established and it shows in the confidence permeating this EP. Strong melodies underpin each song the band offers up, and the dual male-female vocals make for quality punk rock singalongs.

Standouts have to be the already-classic ‘Revisionist’ (which has surely already appeared on umpteen compilations, blogs and music sites – I know I’ve already managed to download the sucker three times without realising) which sinks its hooks in deep, and ‘Hello Bastards’ which nails the band’s colours to the wall with the repeated chorus vocal “I want to be the song you never let go”, alternately singing and screaming passionate sentiments in a love song to punk rock.

Pop punk is in a good place right now and bands like the Measure [SA] are cementing that position. Come play a basement in Brighton sometime soon, huh?

Download ‘Revisionist’ MP3 | Official Site | MySpace

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