Free compilation: Nostalgia For Now, ’08-’09

Today I’m rad stoked to bring you a delicious musicey treat: a download compilation featuring 21 tracks from 2008 and 2009 that I think are rad awesome. You can download it here (100mb), in a ZIP archive that also contains liner notes; a list of the tracks, artists and the album each song is taken from.

I sincerely hope you check out more by the bands you like, because I’ve not got permission to use any of these tracks. I’m operating on the “free publicity is good” basis and hoping no one gets too pissed. Pretty much everything on there is from a punk, DIY or independent label anyway, so I’m sure it’s all cool. More importantly, I hope you enjoy some of these songs as much as I have.

The full track listing is below the cut.

01 – Jeff Penalty (feat. Demander)
Franz Nicolay, Major General


02 – I So Told You So
O Pioneers!!!, Neon Creeps

03 – Fresh Attitude, Young Body
Bomb the Music Industry!, Scrambles

04 – Nowheres Nigh
Parts & Labor, Receivers

05 – Marathon Mansion
Pegasuses XL, The Antiphon

06 – One After One
Dananananaykroyd, Sissy Hits

07 – Holylands, 4am
…And So I Watch You From Afar, This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It

08 – Andria
La Dispute, Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair

09 – Chainsaw Clothesline
Git Some, Cosmic Rock

10 – Scout’s Honor
How Dare You, Comfort Road

11 – Louisiana
The Loved Ones, Build & Burn

12 – Our Own Ebb and Flow
Make Do And Mend, Bodies of Water

13 – Juno
The North Pole, Exposition Vol. 1

14 – Around the Town
Offcuts, White Horses and the Unicorn

15 – Villains Who Twirl Their Moustaches Are Easy To Spot
Popular Workshop, We’re Alive And We’re Not Alone

16 – Not One, But Two
Now, Now Every Children, Cars

17 – First Love
Emmy the Great, First Love

18 – Heart BPM
Fake Problems, It’s Great To Be Alive

19 – Anthem For A New Amanda
The Ergs!, That’s It… Bye

20 – Revisionist
The Measure [SA], Songs About People… And Fruit ‘N Shit

21 – Warpsichord
Alan MX, Warpsichord (single)

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