Not so much a review as an expression of admiration (Dananananaykroyd + Calories, ER Mar ’09)

Gig review: Dananananaykroyd, Calories @ Engine Room, March ’09 Last night I fought back against the lethargic temptations of being lame and boring and staying in and got myself down to Brighton’s Engine Rooms (key characteristics: underground, smells, broken toilets, sweatbox, flooded this one time, cute barstaff) to see Dananananaykroyd and Calories. Pope Joan and […]

Game Review: Race Pro (360)

Quit yawning at the back: turns out this serious racing simulator is actually fairly good fun. Go read my review if you’re inclined to find out why.

Free compilation: Nostalgia For Now, ’08-’09

Today I’m rad stoked to bring you a delicious musicey treat: a download compilation featuring 21 tracks from 2008 and 2009 that I think are rad awesome. You can download it here (100mb), in a ZIP archive that also contains liner notes; a list of the tracks, artists and the album each song is taken […]

Nip & tuck

I’ve tweaked a few bits around the blog. The top nav links are better now: I got rid of the dross and broke down the bulky reviews page into three separate pages. The Twitter round-up autopost is gone and won’t be coming back, and the linkfest posts will be coming once or twice a […]

Music Reviews: The Measure [SA] – Songs About People… And Fruit ‘n Shit

  The Measure [SA] have been attracting a fair bit of attention in the world of punk rock of late, and deservedly so. While it’s a lazy comparison and one I probably wouldn’t be making if it weren’t for the frontwoman’s gender, when you first hear this band it’s almost inevitable that you’ll think of […]

Moral equivalence and nuclear arsenals

The Guardian, March 17th 2009: The UK is to push for a new multilateral deal to reduce the number of nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world, Gordon Brown said today, as he pledged that Britain was “ready” to reduce its own number of Trident warheads. In his first speech on nuclear disarmament since May, Brown […]

Week O’ Flash Retrospective

Over the past week I published four pieces of flash fiction. The intention was to catch up on all the weeks I’ve missed so far this year. I’m still one short so I’ll be playing catch-up again soon, but I’m pretty pleased that I managed to find the time to devise, write and post four […]

F3: Colours Move

I made it to Friday, and managed four pieces of flash fiction over the course of the week. Not quite five but it’s a decent showing. You’ll have to imagine me saying that sardonically and throwing pointed looks at some of my fellow flash slacktioneers. Today’s story is fairly lightweight, I’m afraid, as I’m a […]

Flash Fiction: Punk’s Not Dead

What was that about the author meeting his own deadlines? Yeah, I’m pretty much made of fail. Oh well. Here’s today’s flash fiction. This one’s about punk rock, which will no doubt impress my regular readers as it’s a subject which I so rarely touch upon. The soundtrack for this one is (Shut) Up the […]

The Ergs – Anthem For A New Amanda mp3 download

Just over a week ago I reviewed The Ergs’ final single, That’s It… Bye. I didn’t post an accompanying MP3 as I wasn’t sure if it was okay to do so. I’ve since had confirmation that I can share ‘Anthem For A New Amanda’ with you. Enjoy!