Sneeze, hack, splutter, headshot

I’ve been ill and housebound for two days. As per usual this has meant I’ve been playing quite a few videogames. It would have been nice to read, but my house lacks nice places for sitting and reading. Oh to have an armchair in my room. Also, focusing on a game seemed to result in […]

Gig Review: Parts & Labor, SJ Esau, Lonely Ghosts @ Brighton Prince Albert (20.02.09)

Another gig review within days of the last? Just what the hell is going on here? Does it make up for my total failure to post flash fiction for the past fortnight? Read on for the answers to precisely none of these questions. It’s OIB Records’ second birthday – hurray! To celebrate the occasion they’ve […]

Gig Review: Young Widows, the Plague Sermon, Bear Feet @ Brighton Prince Albert (18.02.09)

It’s been a while since I wrote about a gig on this blog. I often have the desire to do so, but this usually occurs the morning after a show, and at such times I’m usually feeling a little under the weather (a civil euphemism for being stinking hungover). Today I’m either level-headed enough to […]

Book Review: The Quiet War (Paul McAuley)

My review of Paul McAuley’s space opera The Quiet War is in the latest issue of Vector to hit doormats around the world (but mostly the UK). Vector is the critical journal of the BSFA and this is my second review to be published. I continue to be stoked about writing for Vector. The journal’s […]

Band Aid: Apocalypse Hoboken

It’s a while since I wrote one of these posts and I’ve been meaning to plug Apocalypse Hoboken for a while anyway, so why not? Apocalypse Hoboken were an idiosyncratic punk rock band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 1987 by a group of highschool friends and beginning seriously in ’89, they spent a decade […]

F3: Breaking the Circle

Here’s this week’s F3, which is another music-based rather than genre story. I’m not happy with this one but I’m not going to have any time to rewrite it or write an alternative piece, and I’m determined to stick to publishing one story a week. Some of my thoughts in the comments – I wouldn’t […]

In which I court controversy and include keywords in a naked attempt to bump my hitcount

Fall Out Boy fuckin’ suck! Pete Wentz is an asshole! Yeah, right on! The Atheist Bus Campaign is only marginally less stupid and pointlessly confrontational than the Christian counter-campaigns. Seriously, now, no one ever made religion disappear through shouting at it. If you want to bring about your lovely secular society then adopt the only […]

R.I.Pieces – Lux Interior

I just heard the news that Cramps vocalist Lux Interior has finally gone to the great rock ‘n roll debacle in the sky. Apparently it was due to a heart condition. The MTV website has more. Born Erick Lee Purkhiser, Interior started the Cramps in 1972 with guitarist Poison Ivy (born Kristy Wallace, later his […]

Two Videos

A CBS 60 Minutes report on Israel/Palestine: Jonathan Miller for Channel 4 News reports from Gaza: “What we found was breathtaking: a village wiped off the map.”

The F3 family grows…

…although thankfully not in the same manner as the Wilson household in Sumit Dam’s first F3-associated story, The Unbearable Beings of Lightness (written as part of the “altered film title” thememe). It’s been a while since anyone else joined in, and since some of the veteran participants have slackened off in recent months it’s good […]