IEA Oil Expert: “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye”

Okay, that’s not quite how he phrased it. But here’s the money shot from George Monbiot’s interview with Faith Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency:

“In terms of non-Opec [countries outside the big oil producers’ cartel],” [Faith Birol] replied, “we are expecting that in three, four years’ time the production of conventional oil will come to a plateau, and start to decline. In terms of the global picture, assuming that Opec will invest in a timely manner, global conventional oil can still continue, but we still expect that it will come around 2020 to a plateau as well, which is, of course, not good news from a global-oil-supply point of view.”

As George Monbiot explains, this is quite a change from the previous official line of “everything will be fine. Here’s American Gladiators. Here’s 58 channels of it.”

Anyhow, have a read of the whole article. As with most of Monbiot’s writings these days, it’s chilling stuff.

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