A Year in Music: the best of 2008, elsewhere

Many of us have our personal best-ofs for the year that has passed but it’s always interesting to see what others thought, be they friends or critical/commercial venues. Personally, I’m always impressed by how I seemingly bought completely different records to everyone else.

Anyhow, for fellow music nerds here’s a collection of such round-ups…

MTV.com lists its best songs of 2008

The Onion AV Club’s Top 30 Albums of 2008

Stereogum’s Gummy Awards

The Wire’s Top 50 Albums of the year

Part 1 and Part 2 of the Quietus’s top 30

Drowned in Sounds 50 albums of 2008

Rolling Stone’s Top 50

TIME magazine’s Top 10 (really? TIME?)

eMusic’s Best of 2008

The Observer has a depressingly dreary top 50

SPIN’s 40 Best Albums

Pitchfork’s Guest List Best of 2008 (various artists share their favs) plus the 100 Best Tracks

PunkNews has nine staffer best-of lists.

Perhaps most interestingly, last.fm has some Best of 2008 lists that cover the top new artists (i.e. released their debut album in ’08), top albums and top tracks of the year. It’s all based on user scrobbles, of course. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s all fucking Coldplay at the top. The newcomer is MGMT, a band I’ve failed to listen to on the presumption that they’re a flash in the pan who’ll vanish off the radar soon enough. Am I wrong?

Coming in a few hours, my personal favourites from this year’s releases!

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