WRECKTHEPLACEFANTASTIC debut show – Fri 28th Nov.

Offcuts album launch flyerMy band, Wrecktheplacefantastic, has its first gig next Friday 28th November. In case you don’t know the lineup, it’s Ben on lead guitar and vox, myself on rhythm guitar and shouting, Jake on bass guitar and screaming, and Fran on drums and not making vocal chordy noises. We play slightly punky melodic rock music – not sure exactly how to define it so why not come see us, then tell us what we are…

The gig itself is The Offcuts’ album launch show, where they’ll be releasing their first album ‘White Horses and the Unicorn’, which from what I’ve heard so far will be a fucking masterpiece of weird, spazzy, jazzy hardcore punk. Seriously, these guys rock. Also playing are the Rolo Tomassi-esque Charlie Uniform November Tango and the very very loud Bunny. If you’re on the Facebook, there are full details here.

If you want to have a listen to the bands:

The Offcuts | C.U.N.T. | Bunny

We don’t have any properly recorded material, soz. At least, nothing with real drums.

You can buy tickets directly directly from me, or Rounder Records / the Punker Bunker. They’re £4 in advance; alternatively, it’s £5 on the door.

Would be great to see some friendly faces out to show us support – for most of us it’ll be the first time we’ve played in front of a crowd. But if you can’t make it no worries – there will be other shows!

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