Nostalgia for updates?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve still not fixed the linkposts, and I’ve had nothing else to post for a while. Sorry folks. In the meantime, why not have a look at some nice videos from the interwoobertrons? The first one is an awesome funk mashup… thing of Fallout 3 and is goddamn awesome.

(Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.)

Hopefully that’ll tide you over until I write my review of what is possibly my game of the ye- oh no! Now you know what I’m going to write!

The next video is the history of Rough Trade, in the form of two minutes of singing and neat drawings by Jeffrey Lewis.

(Via No Rock & Roll Fun.)

More history lessons in this format, please. He mentions doing K Records as well – I found a live video of that here. Not being familiar with Jeffrey Lewis I can’t say if this is a song he does regularly.

2 Responses to “Nostalgia for updates?”
  1. Neil says:

    Good luck for tomorrow Shaun, have fun.