Things and Stuffs

This weekend turned out a bit busier than I had planned, so no review writin’ was achieved. I didn’t even get to play with my new home recording gear (very sadface). I’ll probably stick up some photos of that once I’ve got it all set up. Modern technology is great. All I need now is a drum machine or some bucket drums (I’m trying to decide which of the two options appeals more).

Did I mention that my band has a name now? We’re Wrecktheplacefantastic, and we’re gearing up for our first gig which is a mere two months away. Two months! That must sound like an eternity to other, more competent musicians.

Anyway, in lieu of any writing from yours truly, here are some other cool things and stuffs by other peoples on the intertron (done manually, since I’ve not gotten round to fixing my autoposts yet). Small Town America just stuck up their fourth Public Service Broadcast, which I’m still listening to but thus far my ears have been pleased by Disco Drive and Baddies.

Elsewhere, the aforementioned Greg has successfully located his blog and uploaded his first post, which is a consideration of Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea, and Seb over at Comics Daily has posted a thorough(ly entertaining) trashing of something called DC Universe Decisions. I hear tell that it is a comic, which is a little like a cartoon except the pictures don’t move and you must read the words yourself.

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