First trailer for ‘Love’ online

Those of you who read my mildly acerbic piece on MMOs for Den of Geek, ‘Rewind the Grind’, might want to take a look at the first official trailer for Eskil Steenberg’s procedurally-generated / user-created MMOG, Love. It’s currently on display exclusively at PC gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Oh, and despite it being the least boundary-pushing of the games I featured, I can report that Warhammer Online is really good fun. I’m not playing it with the intensity MMOs are renowned for, but for a few hours here and there it’s proving varied, accessible and most importantly fun.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work is leaving me stressy and tired at the end of most days, so after sorting out essential chores I rarely want to spend my evenings doing anything other than heading out to see some bands, or kicking back with some beers and a few good games. I have a few unfinished pieces banging about, but finding the time/inclination/discipline to knuckle down and finish them is tricky.

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