A brief comment on that Brand/Ross thing


Seriously, Britain, shut the fuck up already. There are plenty of things to talk about that are more important, interesting or relevant than some stupid joke/cock-up by two rubbish celebrities. I know that as a nation you like to get all weepy or angry or self-righteous en masse every so often, but this is just taking the piss.

And the next person I find using the phrase ‘Sachsgate’ will earn themselves a short sharp kick in the genitals.

3 Responses to “A brief comment on that Brand/Ross thing”
  1. Kerry says:

    I find it interesting as a shocking example of unquestioned patriarchy (or, in this case, grandpatriarchy), but that’s about it.

    It’s like those losers who are still petitioning outside my local Starbucks on a weekend – you guys, you know if you put all that energy into doing something that wasn’t totally pointless, you could have made a real difference and achieved something to be really proud of by now? No? OK.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Well, two people petitioning outside Starbucks is arguably pissing in the wind, but I have far more respect for people who take a stand against corporate giants – that have been proven harmful in various ways – than I do for self-righteous armchair whiners who waste time moaning about something that never affected them in the slightest, or cynical media wankers who push toss like this to the front page. Meanwhile we’re days away from the US presidential election, serious conflict is flaring up in the DRC, and economies around the world continue to stall and fail.

    I don’t find these skewed priorities *surprising*, but I do find it almost intolerably tedious and stupid.

  3. Kerry says:

    Two people wouldn’t bother me. There are often a dozen or so! I guess what riles me is that if they cared about the local community as much as they say they do, they could volunteer for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for the same amount of time and do something genuinely helpful for the people around here. But of course, what they really mean is that they care about the middle-class members of the community, and only then when they share their values… But I digress. My fiery hatred of the local Starbucks protesters is something of a can of worms, so maybe we’d best that one for now.