Superstruct – surviving the future

Superstruct is a community-based massively multiplayer online alternative reality game, which if you contract it into an acronym produces the slightly unwieldy MMOARG. Sounds like something a hardcore gamer might shout at the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unlike most of the MMOGs you may have heard of before now, Superstruct is primarily an inventive and creative exercise that exists within the minds and expressive mediums of its participants. Established by the Californian Institute for the Future, it’s an intellectual exercise writ large and public, and its basic precept – 10 years from now, humanity’s survival is threatened by five categories of worldwide “Super Threat” – is both pertinent and intriguing. Superstruct invites players to involve themselves in world-building and scene-setting with an eye to picturing the daily threats people might face, and the ways in which they deal with them. It sounds like a challenge, and it sounds like fun.

I’m considering participating in the game, and I’m thinking that the Friday Flash Fiction exercise might be a great way to approach it. I’m thinking survivor poetry, 2019 syndicated news feeds, opinion pieces, diary entries, leaked government or corporate memos on Wikileaks, this sort of thing. Does the idea appeal to any other writers reading this?

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