Planet Arcade

Earlier in the year, when I reviewed episode 1 of their series of RPGs, I said some very complimentary things about Penny Arcade. I meant them, and I do love the strip. When they’re writing about games, they can be very funny indeed.

But, and this is when they step outside that comfort zone, I honestly wonder what fucking planet these people live on.

Mind you, there are exceptions to that rule.

2 Responses to “Planet Arcade”
  1. Jonathan M says:

    Yeah… really not too sure about the whole shitting in the beans thing.

    Mind you, it’s still better than The Simpsons who, I seem to remember, went on about the rat-like faces and deceitful natures of the people running the local carnival. Charming.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Bloody hell. Comedy’s an ugly thing at times, eh.