No F3 this week

I was planning to hammer something out this evening as I’ve a few ideas banging about, but since I had my latest tattoo touched up at lunchtime my arm is wrapped in partially-immobilising shrinkwrap and tape. This isn’t conducive to writing, so I’m taking another week off. It’s great being your own boss, eh?

Here’s a photo of the new ink right after it was done:

Hearts & shapes

The skin’s a bit less raw and the colours slightly less vivid now, but you get the picture. And yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.

3 Responses to “No F3 this week”
  1. Paul Raven says:

    Hopelez romopunx! ;) New ink is always good ink.

    Unless it’s Tweetie-pie on a fat lass’s shoulder blade.

  2. GLP says:

    I’ve never understood the whole tattoo thing. I’m not worried about the pain – just that I’ve never found an image that I’d want to inscribe permanently on my body.

  3. Shaun CG says:

    Once I’ve come up with a design I like, I sit on it for about a year. If I still like it then, and I still want to get the ink, I go for it. :)