Superstruct – surviving the future

Superstruct is a community-based massively multiplayer online alternative reality game, which if you contract it into an acronym produces the slightly unwieldy MMOARG. Sounds like something a hardcore gamer might shout at the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike most of the MMOGs you may have heard of before now, Superstruct is primarily an inventive […]

Band Aid: Smalltown America Blogcast #3

Okay, this isn’t a band but it’s my blog and I’ll deviate if I want to. My friend Daniel over at DIY label Smalltown America recently put together Public Service Blogcast Episode 3, which features tunes by Let Our Enemies Beware, Laura Wolf (I still want to meet her, Dan!), the Retro Spankees, Tubelord, 4 […]

No F3 this week

I was planning to hammer something out this evening as I’ve a few ideas banging about, but since I had my latest tattoo touched up at lunchtime my arm is wrapped in partially-immobilising shrinkwrap and tape. This isn’t conducive to writing, so I’m taking another week off. It’s great being your own boss, eh? Here’s […]

Planet Arcade

Earlier in the year, when I reviewed episode 1 of their series of RPGs, I said some very complimentary things about Penny Arcade. I meant them, and I do love the strip. When they’re writing about games, they can be very funny indeed. But, and this is when they step outside that comfort zone, I […]

F3: Watching the Valves

Here’s this week’s Friday Flash Fiction, a short story set in the same loose post-apocalyptic world as Sun and Interdiction Zone. This piece was inspired by a particularly chilling chapter in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us. It could probably use some more research, but I don’t have the time before that Friday Flash postin’ […]

Today’s “Holy Crap” moment

Saudi Arabia, at present still the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, has quit OPEC. Their argument seems to be that they want to continue to meet market demand for oil supply, and OPEC are arguing that the current high price of oil is due to market speculation rather than actual scarcity. Early days yet […]

Book Review: Nothing Nice To Say Vol. 2 (Mitch Clem)

Let me say this up front: I’m a big fan of Nothing Nice to Say, and I have been since about 2001 when I first came across the strip. It feels a little strange to say it but in many ways I’ve grown up with the strip. It’s been a substantial part of my experience […]

‘Farewell!’ Sang the stringent environmental protection laws

Long-term readers of this blog (hello mum etc.) may recall a whimsical science fantasy story I posted last December titled ‘Farewell!’ Sang the Swarm. It was a lightweight take on a very serious question that’s been puzzling many people around the world for some time: Colony Collapse Disorder. Whilst my take on CCD wasn’t too […]

Changing the world with sequential punching

“Sequential punching” being my new favourite term for comic books. I’ve been meaning to write about La Muse for a few weeks now. I’ll freely admit that I’m not anywhere near as much of a comics expert as some of my friends, but the basic premise – a near-omnipotent person sets out to try and […]