We Are Drunken Idiots

Just to prove that I really do have a band, here’s a stupid video of us being drunk and not taking that whole “musicianship” bullshit seriously at practice. By this point our bassist was steaming drunk, our drummer had broken the edge, and I’d broken all my strings. Fortunately you can’t hear what we were actually playing, because our lead guitarist / vocalist chopped up the video and laid a home recording over the audio.

This is why you can’t hear any of what’s actually being sung, which given our state at the time is something of a blessed relief.

Oh, and it’s just our lead guitarist and bassist on the home recording – we can’t record drums ourselves and I wasn’t around to do my guitar parts, so the other fella did both parts and plonked in some (actually not bad) sampled drums.

And no, we still haven’t decided on a name, although we have floated Resolutions, Pattern Interrupt, Rejection Letter and The Fran Swaine Drumming Experience with varying degrees of seriousness. In all honesty, though, We Are Drunken Idiots is the most accurate moniker I’ve heard so far.

11 Responses to “We Are Drunken Idiots”
  1. Justin says:

    The audio track is a relatively close approximation of what you all sound like playing together when sober, yes? If so, I … actually really like it. I think I was expecting something louder and slightly less melodic.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Cool! Yeah, we’re not really very heavy. We do want to do some heavier stuff as Fran and I are into our hardcore, and Ben and Jake are up for it as well, but most of what we’ve got so far is around what that song sounds like.

    Of course we’re not exactly amazing musicians yet, but you know… nor are most bands. ;D

  3. GLP says:

    I once had an imaginary band called Abrasive Copper Slag. Feel free to use it if you like it.

  4. Kerry says:

    I like! Are you guys playing the Epic gig in September?

    We tried having a drink a rehearsals, but literally nothing got done. We’re a tea and biscuits kind of band these days – which is fine, until you try to recruit a new member. Yes, yes, it’ll awesome – like being in a band, but without the fun.

    Hey, where do you guys rehearse? My lot are getting a bit sick of really grotesque rehearsal rooms, but sadly that’s the only kind I know. Am cheapskate, you see.

  5. Shaun CG says:

    Cheers! We are… not, unfortunately. We don’t have that many songs and are still a bit too sloppy for anything resembling a big audience IMO.

    Sometimes I don’t drink and just have water or coffee, but if it’s getting into the evening it’s good to kick back a bit. :D

    We rehearse at Brighton Electric. It’s not cheap but it’s really good in most ways. Room prices vary from about £32 to £38, depending on size… where have you guys been practicing? Bet it’s not as much of a dive as the (awesome) Studio 284. ;)

  6. Kerry says:

    Is that what used to be Ground Zero? If so, I thought I recognised it (used to have drumming lessons there – but let us never speak of my drumming).

    We tend to go with Warner in New England House. It’s not a total dive – and the staff are lovely and the toilets are clean – but it ain’t The Ritz. And given that there are five of us now, it wouldn’t be a huge leap in price per head to trade up.

    284? Luxury. My last band used to frequent the Black Bunker. We dreamed of 284.

  7. Shaun CG says:

    That’s the one, yeah. The room we filmed that in as the recording studio that they’ve just finished building.

    Ah, I almost ended up in NEH with another band. How much does it cost? And Black Bunker is the underground one that used to be public toilets, right? :D

  8. Kerry says:

    Warner is £30 for 3 hours. The equipment is pretty decent and the staff are really great – none of that “extra 3 quid for an extension lead/extra mic” business that you get some other places. However, the rooms themselves are pretty shabby and smell strongly of teenage boys. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

    And yes, that’s Black Bunker. Brrrr.

  9. Shaun CG says:

    Heh, some places charge for extras, eh? BE don’t do that; you can generally get whichever amps you request (provided they’re not reserved), and as many footswitches / mics / etc. as you need.

    It does also smell of man at times. Mmm. Yeah.

  10. Paul Raven says:

    By comparison to Aeroplane Attack, you guys look positively disciplined… virtually straight-edge! :) We’re upgrading from Phil’s front room to a local studio/rehearsal space now we’ve got a drummer, which should hopefully make us a bit more focused – if only because we can’t smoke in the rehearsal rooms…

  11. Shaun CG says:

    Haha, disciplined eh… well, we’ve improved in the last couple of months, for sure. We practice specific songs now!

    Yeah, proper practice rooms do help a great deal. Just being there encourages you to get on with it. It’s been a fun half year. :D