Game Review: ObsCure II (PC)

My review of the PC port of ObsCure II, Hydravision’s 2007 horror survive-’em-up, is now online at Den of Geek. It’s replete with cheap shots, predictable “jokes” and dull analysis of stupid ideas – so quite a lot like the game itself!

This is a sequel to 2004’s ObsCure, a multi-platform survival horror game that saw a disparate band of assorted high school students – possessed of improbably unique and useful skills – fight their way through hordes of spore-infected classmates to uncover the truth behind a daaark secret. Not an uncommon survival horror premise. The game’s most unique feature was the ability to play through the game co-operatively, something its sequel also boasts. Unfortunately I’m reviewing the PC version, and found myself unable to convince anyone to play it with me. Crowding around a single keyboard isn’t quite as fun as using your own control pad, after all.

Read the full review at DoG… if you dare! Wooooooooo!

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