I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with my autoposts. I thought I’d fixed it a while back but it stopped working after one post; now it won’t even manage that. Any suggestions, anyone? No doubt others have had similar problems…

In shinier news, I am determined to finish some F3 for you all. It’s been about a month since the last one, which is poor form.

3 Responses to “Broken”
  1. Paul Raven says:

    I think it’s a problem with delicious itself rather than anything else. Luckily there’s a plug-in that shifts the whole process onto your own server by trawling the RSS feeds on your behalf; takes a bit of tweaking to set up, but it doers the job. It’s called Postalicious.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Yeah, having since investigated further it seems like delicious are in no hurry to fix it (which is fair enough). I did find Postalicious whilst searching old forum threads (spotted you on there, actually) but thus far I’ve got it installed but not working. I’ll stick with it…

  3. Paul Raven says:

    It’s a bit of a bugger; read the FAQ thoroughly, there’s a few tweaks to be made to get it up and running; you need to replace the rss.php file, basically, and you’ll need to do so every time you upgrade, too. Then all you have to do is format the output… *shudder*