F3: We’re Never Going Home!

As promised, here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction. It’s unusually long; about 70 words over the 1k limit. I considered trimming a few sentences but, in the spirit of the subject matter, decided “fuck it”. The title, fact fans, is lifted from the best live/tour film you’ll ever see: Against Me!’s 2004 DVD We’re Never […]


I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with my del.icio.us autoposts. I thought I’d fixed it a while back but it stopped working after one post; now it won’t even manage that. Any suggestions, anyone? No doubt others have had similar problems… In shinier news, I am determined to finish some F3 for you all. […]

Band Aid: The Gaslight Anthem

here’s a lot you can say about the Gaslight Anthem, but pretty much everything you will or won’t love about this band is going to be a personal response. This is as it should be: the Gaslight Anthem are an intensely personal band, their songs a musical love affair with life. Hell, there’s not much […]

F3 Fail

Sorry, gentle readers. I’ll not be posting any F3 this week either. It’s been another really busy week as I’ve been gearing up to cover someone else’s job at work, and although I’ve got three stories started I’ve not had time to finish one of them. I’ll endeavour to get at least one of them […]

Masters of Time and 2D Space

Like every other bugger who pays attention to what’s going on in indie gaming I recently tried out Braid, the time-fucking 2D platformer by independent developer Jonathan Blow. It’s currently only available on Xbox Live (at 1200 points, which in real money is about a tenner) but a Windows version is set to follow later […]

Attn Hipster Girls!

THIS IS TRUTH. (From Mitch Clem’s LJ.) Sorry, I’ve been totally neglecting the blog of late… in my defence I’ve been having a holiday. At home. Because I’m skint. Maybe I’ll share some photos! And I’ll also actually do some writing this week. I am full of promises.

We Are Drunken Idiots

Just to prove that I really do have a band, here’s a stupid video of us being drunk and not taking that whole “musicianship” bullshit seriously at practice. By this point our bassist was steaming drunk, our drummer had broken the edge, and I’d broken all my strings. Fortunately you can’t hear what we were […]

Game Review: ObsCure II (PC)

My review of the PC port of ObsCure II, Hydravision’s 2007 horror survive-’em-up, is now online at Den of Geek. It’s replete with cheap shots, predictable “jokes” and dull analysis of stupid ideas – so quite a lot like the game itself! This is a sequel to 2004’s ObsCure, a multi-platform survival horror game that […]

Rewind the Grind: Putting the boot into the MMO

I’ve got another lengthy piece up at Den of Geek, this time taking some lumps out of the bloated, funny-smelling collective body of the mumorperger. I also recommend four in-development MMOGs that look tantalising, primarily because they’re offering something different. Well, Warhammer Online doesn’t seem to be promising anything particularly different, but fuck it. I’m […]

Book Review: Tourniquet (Kim Lakin-Smith)

‘Tourniquet’, Kim Lakin-Smith’s debut novel, is an ambitious book. It is set in Renegade City, the rebranded-gothic British city once known as Nottingham. At some point in the city’s recent past the rock band Origin claimed it as a safe haven for “the sub-cultures of the world”; more honestly, though, Renegade City is for the […]