Zombies Can Run

I’ve got a new article / essay / opinion piece / geek screed up on Den of Geek titled ‘Zombies Can Run’. The subtitle (“why 28 Days Later is a zombie movie after all”) isn’t mine, but I think that was put there primarily to look a bit contrary and draw people in. Oh, and also to get it higher ratings on Digg, which suits me fine. DoG hungers for clicks like a zombie for braaaaains.

I’m quite pleased with the article. It’s perhaps a bit overlong at 1,400 words, but that aside I think it strikes a nice balance between humour and maintaining the central thrust of my argument (essentially, that being arbitrarily exclusionary is stupid). Also, I managed to get tarman up as the accompanying pic. The caption’s a Batman joke, which is topical. Gasp! I’ll want to watch this… relevancy.

You can read the full article here. Do it. Go on, do it.

Unrelatedly, I’d be interested in watching a TV show of amateur footage of zombies. That’d be ace. It could be constructed like American show When Animals Attack! You’d have to use a variation on the name, though. I propose When Zombies Attempt to Feast on the Flesh of the Living and Propagate Their Unstoppable Kind. You certainly wouldn’t miss that in the TV Times.

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