Game Review: Civilization Revolution

My review of Civilization Revolution has just gone up over at Den of Geek. As a long-time fan of Civilization I was really pleased to be able to review this, and I’m also glad that the game didn’t disappoint.

If any of you pick up a copy of the game and fancy a match over Xbox Live, let me know!

3 Responses to “Game Review: Civilization Revolution”
  1. Kerry says:

    Ooh! I might have to pick that up. Once I’ve completed GTA IV finished the demo for Clouds Beyond Clouds, of course…

    Speaking of online, I’m getting hold of an incredibly long ethernet cable this week so I can reconnect to Live. I might even attempt to organise another go at meeting a few people in Liberty City.

  2. Kerry says:

    Your comments don’t display strike through text. My hilarious joke was ruined.

  3. Shaun CG says:

    Fixed! It works if you use a span strikethrough tag, although I guess it might not if you just use -strike-. Which is a bit rubbish, I have to admit.

    I just gave Gav an XBL Gold trial, and I think he’s up for some GTA4 online as well, so yes… we should take to the town at some point.