Communal article in Micro Mart issue #1011 (3-9 July ’08)

I’m featured alongside fourteen other contributors in ‘The Most Frustrating Computer Problems I’ve Ever Encountered’, a communal article in this week’s issue of Micro Mart magazine. True to form, my piece is basically about how thick I can be.

For the record, this article represents the first piece of non-fiction I’ve ever had published and been paid for… that wasn’t a rubbish web article in a local magazine run by a member of my family when I was 17. Ah, provisos.

2 Responses to “Communal article in Micro Mart issue #1011 (3-9 July ’08)”
  1. Justin says:

    High-five! :)

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Cheers mate! :D