Article: 10 PC Gaming Classics – get your nostalgia on!

It’s going to be a busy week for games writing. Today at Den of Geek I have a nostalgia-laced piece in which I get to jubilantly witter on about some old games I like. I love you, Internet. Go have a read!

4 Responses to “Article: 10 PC Gaming Classics – get your nostalgia on!”
  1. Kerry says:

    Good article! My top ten is pretty much everything that you listed as not quite making the top ten, only with more Lucasarts. And I’m still not sure about Planescape, but have recently been persuaded to give it another shot – it’s entirely possible that I was all read out after university when I last tried, given that at the time I was going through my Parasol Stars/Rodland/New Zealand Story revival phase…

  2. Shaun CG says:

    Cheers Kerry! To be honest, that list isn’t entirely reflective of my favourites – those are just the ten I felt like writing about at the time. And yes, there should definitely have been more Lucasarts on there! Maybe I should do a point ‘n click special…

    A friend told me the other day that he has a gift for me – an original big box copy of Planescape. I could’ve kissed him. ;)

    But yes, do give it another go – once you’re immersed in exploring the game’s wonderful characters, you’ll be hooked.

  3. Kaolin Fire says:

    I still play Starcraft frequently (though I’ve just gotten the missus hooked on WC3 for a chance of pace). I think of Star Control now and again with fond memories and will check out Ur Quan (seems to have stalled out?).

    Lots of good things in there, of course. I’m slowly working my way through doing homages and/or riffs and/or ripoffs of older arcade games (so far Tetris and Asteroids… many more planned. I’m slowly allowing myself to become more ambitious with them. ;) )

  4. Shaun CG says:

    Ahh, Warcraft 3! Another classic. I much prefer StarCraft, but it’s still a great game. I do like that it has some limited RPG elements as well.

    It looks as though no progress has been made on tUQM for some time, which is a shame, although longer periods of time have passed between updates in the past. Hopefully they’re still working on the next release, which I imagine will be a milestone stable release with full features, no bugs and the possibility of more adventurous modification. :D

    Ripoffs of Tetris… I can’t recommend Wetris enough! Not played it in years but I remember it being great fun. The trick was to raise/lower areas of ground to create cavities and to then drop water into them. I think…