Zombies Can Run

I’ve got a new article / essay / opinion piece / geek screed up on Den of Geek titled ‘Zombies Can Run’. The subtitle (“why 28 Days Later is a zombie movie after all”) isn’t mine, but I think that was put there primarily to look a bit contrary and draw people in. Oh, and […]

A desolate wasteland of sight and sound

My apologies for the lack of real updates, everyone. I’ve recently been enjoying being busy, a little stressed-out, and not sleeping properly, which is never a good combination. Hopefully things will calm down soon and I’ll be more inclined to write and blog.

No Friday Flash today!

Sorry folks, no flash fiction from me today. Long day, long week, etc. I’ve got a free day tomorrow, though, so maybe as a break from my other oddjobs I’ll write and post something. Shame, really, as Paul has challenged me to write something under the title Om Nom Nom Bom. This is a pretty […]

Rejection letters – a brief follow-up post…

Tobias Buckell, one of a number of writers and bloggers who joined in with Post A Rejection Letter Friday, has compiled a handy list of participants which you can view here. There are a few others who posted letters a little late, and if you’re interested most of them can be found in the comments/trackback […]

F3: Respawner

I suspect that this week’s celebration of one year of Friday Flash Fiction will be slightly overshadowed by Post a Rejection Letter Friday. But hey! Righteousness is right on, right? I’m afraid that this week’s submission is another last-minute piece of fiction, as today has proven to be a lengthy work day fraught with some […]

It’s post-a-rejection-letter Friday!

Apropos of the ridiculous focus on whether or not posting rejection letters is common practice/professional/legal/cuddly/appropriate/blue rather than on the exposure of crude and offensive racist language, I’m officially declaring it Post A Rejection Letter Friday. Here’s mine! Hi Shaun, Thanks for this, but I felt it was very overwritten, especially for a first-person story told in […]

Quiet times for writing crimes

You may have noticed that, after the frenetic multiple daily posts of last week, things have quietened down a bit at NFI. It just so happened that my scheduled Neverscapes reposts coincided with a big bundle of other writing. There’s not much on the cards this week, although as usual there’ll be the del.icio.us link […]

Slaying the Master Race

(This is the third and final in a series of posts retrieved from Neverscapes, NFI’s predecessor. This was one of the earliest posts made to the blog, and it shows… still, I hope you’ve enjoyed these little slices of nostalgia.) Over on Wired News there’s an article titled Playing the Master Race, concerning the psychology […]

Communal article in Micro Mart issue #1011 (3-9 July ’08)

I’m featured alongside fourteen other contributors in ‘The Most Frustrating Computer Problems I’ve Ever Encountered’, a communal article in this week’s issue of Micro Mart magazine. True to form, my piece is basically about how thick I can be. For the record, this article represents the first piece of non-fiction I’ve ever had published and […]

Game Review: Racedriver GRID

I told you it was a week for games. Games, games, games. Don’t you just love ’em? Some people like fast cars instead. Some people like fast cars and games, and these people might like Racedriver GRID, which is full of beautiful shiny cars. You can drive them into walls very quickly and suffer no […]